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We make people's everyday life safe and comfortable by our software products integrated in urban infrastructure.

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Solutions We Develop

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Parking payment

Easy payment for a parking spot in the dense city center.

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Traffic ticket payment

Avoid unwanted consequences by easily made traffic payments with your mobile device

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Speeding fine payment

Pay your speeding ticket at once you receive a notification and avoid debt.

Why Us

Why Us

We give you access to the pool of highly skilled professionals.

Why Us

You get effective communication based on timely updates, pro-active and open-minded approach.

Why Us

We estimate your project within 8 working hours.

Why Us

We will provide you with an optimal solution tailored to your budget.

Why Us

We offer ongoing product improvement by conducting continuous client consultation.


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Borbalo makes it easy to find and pay for parking spots in the city center. It also keeps you informed about issued speeding and traffic tickets, which you can pay at once, avoiding unwanted debts.

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