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Type:Custom Software
Platform:Mobile, Cloud

Business Analyst: 1

UI/UX Designer: 1

Mobile Engineer: 2

Backend Engineer: 2

QA Engineer: 1

Project Manager: 1



Urban parking problems and traffic ticket debts are common for all modern cities. We created solution which makes people's driving experience comfortable and protects them from accrued debts for performed traffic or parking violations.

Our challenges

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Challenge #1. Parking payments

Solution: Online payments

It is often difficult to pay for parking as you should find a parking kiosk or even stand in a queue there wasting your time and money. When it comes up to the payment it appears that the parking kiosk accepts no cash or for some reason your plastic card is being rejected. With Borbalo you can pay for your parking sitting in your car and all available online payment methods are already there to make it comfortable for you to pay for parking and save your valuable time. People can use the closest parking and avoid searching another one where they accept cash or debit cards issued by your bank. This helps reduce CO₂ emissions in the city and make it a better place for living.
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Challenge #2. Traffic ticket debts

Solution: Integrated payment methods and reminders

Everyday many people use vehicles to drive to the meetings in different locations or to take business trips. While doing that it is easy to commit a camera violation whether it is speeding, failure to yield, driving in the wrong lane, parking in the wrong place or something else. To prevent traffic ticket debts we featured Borbalo with notifications and reminders which keep you informed about issued tickets and let you pay them immediately via one of the preferred payment methods. This helps people take control over their finances avoiding unwanted late fees and penalties.

Technologies We Used

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