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Taxi provider in Cyprus

Type:Custom Software
Platform:Mobile, Cloud

Business Analyst: 1

UI/UX Designer: 1

Mobile Engineer: 2

Full-Stack Engineer: 1

QA Engineer: 1



Customer retention, competition and environmental concerns are extremely important points to be considered by a taxi service providers. We carried out a complete research to address all the crucial issues in this industry by our applications. Another point was to create a solution mutually appreciated by clients and drivers.

Our challenges

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Challenge #1. Environmental concerns

Solution: AI route, efficiency monitoring and prompts

The app offers eco-friendly routes build with the help of AI to reduce carbon emissions. It also shows statistics on fuel consumption and gives prompts to cut negative environmental impact.
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Challenge #2. Competition

Solution: Outstanding performance and local payment systems integration

Having investigated solutions provided by local competitors, we defined advantageous opportunities. These opportunities were found in better user experience, app performance and user-friendly design. Our team created an application which promptly proceeds the data, saves user's time, and is integrated with all locally available payment systems, which significantly increases revenue of our partner.
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Challenge #3. Customer service improvement

Solution: Customer support ticket system

To improve customer service we added new channels of communication such as online chat, email, social media, and a ticket system. Now customer support specialists use the ticket system to react on inquires in a timely manner, assign and delegate tasks, and never lose them in the funnel. Customer feedback is displayed in the ticket system. Managers can monitor drivers' reputation based on customers reviews and increase the quality of services.

Technologies We Used

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