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Supply chain management

Type:Custom Software

Business Analyst: 1

UI/UX Designer: 1

Frontend Engineer: 2

Backend Engineer: 3

QA Engineer: 1

Project Manager: 1



Supply chain management (SCM) is a crucial business success point for medium and large sized companies. We created a flexible custom SCM solution that corresponds to the needs of our client a worldwide distributor of industrial equipment and devices.

Our challenges

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Challenge #1. Communication with suppliers

Solution: Supplier management

We created a system that helps our customer effectively communicate with the selected suppliers, negotiate price, make centralized purchase orders and monitor their performance reducing delays and bottlenecks.
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Challenge #2. Money loss on ineffective warehouse management

Solution: Warehouse workload management solution

We customized the SCM system with real-time warehouse workload tracking. It allows our customer to arrange delivery slots efficiently based on the configured warehouse capacity per hour and monitor the whole delivery process itself.
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Challenge #3. Saving costs on returns

Solution: Returns management

Returns is a costly expense item. We implemented Returns management feature to control shipping, handling, and restocking fees as well as inventory write-offs. Our customer has a clear statistics and can analyze their communication with the suppliers enhancing the quality of their services on one hand and client satisfaction on the other hand. The customer can identify the reasons for returns (manufacturing defects, packaging, shipping damage, etc.) and improve the process reducing time and efforts.

Challenge #4. Documentation exchange

Solution: Electronic data interchange (EDI)

As an international B2B company our customer deals with a lot of paperwork regulated by local laws in the areas of distribution. We integrated EDI to automate the routine and make it finally easy to exchange document online between different business partners.Purchase orders, invoices, shipping and delivery documents, etc. are centralized now and demand minimal human participation.It helped our customer reduce human errors, time and costs on document flow.

Technologies We Used

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