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Restaurant chain in Sweden

Industry:Food and Beverage
Type:Custom Software

Business Analyst: 1

UI/UX Designer: 1

Full-Stack Engineer: 1

Backend Engineer: 2

QA Engineer: 1



For business owners, managing expenses is a critical challenge that often leads to frustration. One of the major obstacles is controlling food costs, which requires continuous monitoring on various stages.

Our challenges

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Challenge #1. Lack of order visibility and human errors in order creation

Solution: Order management system

To address the challenges, we created an Order Management System(OMS), that provides businesses with real-time visibility into their orders, allowing them to track orders from start to finish and monitor their progress. In addition, automation of the order management process helps tackle such errors as incorrect orders, incorrect shipping addresses, and incorrect product quantities.
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Challenge #2. Cutting down expenses and revenue growth

Solution: Food cost control and math for each menu item

To address the challenge, we developed an application which combines monitoring stock loads with dishes' prime cost calculation based on such dependencies as delivery cost and unexpected factors provoked by gas price fluctuation, shortages, supply chain breakout, etc. We provided the client with real-time access to monitoring their food expenses on each stage from supplier orders to the guest's table. Our system has proven effective in helping businesses optimize their menus and reduce unnecessary spending by identifying cost-effective dishes and managing inventory levels more efficiently.

Technologies We Used

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