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Industry:Human Resource
Type:Custom Software
Platform:Mobile, Cloud

Business Analyst: 1

UI/UX Designer: 1

Mobile Engineer: 2

Backend Engineer: 1

QA Engineer: 1

Project Manager: 1



Market leading recruitment platform in the Hospitality industry helping employers reduce costs and save time on seasonal and permanent hirings. The primary goal was to build a reliable and trustworthy relationship between employers and candidates. Avoiding common hiring mistakes our solution shortens hiring process and ensures that the candidate and the company are a perfect match for each other.

Our challenges

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Challenge #1. Recruitment costs

Solution: Job board matching

Our app allows candidates to upload their CV and get personalized prompts when searching a new job. This solution is aligned with Lavoria's marketing activities to constantly bring new employers to the platform. This step saves up to 68% of the employers' recruitment budget.
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Challenge #2. Long hiring process

Solution: Scoring

Another vital feature implemented in the application is scoring. Hiring managers don't need to waste tons of valuable time for doing tedious routine. They just checking results of automated scoring and get focused on the most relevant candidates effortless.
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Challenge #3. Human factor failures

Solution: Process automation, reports and digitalization

Companies have seamless communication with candidates, use automated notifications and 1-to-1 video chat feature, which helps evaluate the candidate. Hiring managers can create pipelines to track the status of a candidate, send documents and reports.

Technologies We Used

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