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Delivery company in the Netherlands

Type:Custom Software
Platform:Mobile, Web

Business Analyst: 1

UI/UX Designer: 1

Mobile Engineer: 1

Backend Engineer: 2

QA Engineer: 1

Project Manager: 1



High service price is one of the main reasons why most of delivery companies lose their customers. The project's primary goal was to optimize the delivery process to make it faster, more transparent, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Our challenges

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Challenge #1. Manual order placement

Solution: Order management system (OMS)

Manual order placement was a pain-point as the customer used to work with Excel to create and manage orders. We implemented an Order management system where senders fill out the form on the website themselves. It saves a lot of time for our customer and lets his clients quickly place an order without registration. Human factor errors were reduced by combining orders made via website form and the ones made via call center.
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Challenge #2. Last-mile delivery

Solution: Real-time tracking, connection with the customer

Last-mile delivery process was successfully reorganized by leveraging crowd-shipping services and tapping into local community resources. To ensure the transparency and efficiency of the delivery process, couriers use the application where they can make reports, updates and receive important information. The application tracks delivery time and optimizes it instantaneously, offering the most cost-effective route and utilizing the most suitable type of transport. By using EVs and other green transportation methods for delivery, the carbon emissions were significantly reduced, which is of great importance to the environment and our lives.
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Challenge #3. Cost-effective delivery

Solution: Gas consumption and vehicle size optimization, process transparency and rational route planner

To achieve this, we developed mobile and web applications with a cost-effective route planner function. This application takes into account such factors as gas price, gas consumption, real-time traffic updates and third-party dependencies to ensure the most efficient delivery routes. The size of the vehicle was considered both for ease of loading and for rational usage. With this information, you can see the expenses, build the most optimal routes from A to Z, calculate and optimize costs, eventually making the delivery process more efficient and effective.

Technologies We Used

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