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Consulting agency from the Nordic region

Industry:Human Resource
Type:Custom Software

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Studies have shown that over 60% of companies miss out on their ideal candidates due to a lack of structure in the hiring process. The application we developed is designed to meet recruiters' and HRs' expectations to improve their workflow and be able to bring and retain top talents to their business. Such frequent issues as onboarding acceleration, HR administration, document automation, employee data centralization, workforce planning, talent growth and retention, and other were considered by our professionals to deliver a helpful result-driven solution to our customer.

Our challenges

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Challenge #1. Shortage of top talents

Solution: Automation of the recruitment process

Recruitment process is automated and optimized to meet company goals, minimize risks and save time. Submitted applications get through the screening process with AI-assistant which helps the recruiters prioritize top talents among a number of CVs. Selected candidates receive auto replies and being invited to an interview via integrated calendar.
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Challenge #2. Employees retention

Solution: Employee profiles and data visualization

HR workflow is structured. Employee centralized profiles implemented to keep all crucial data in the same place with access limits for different groups within the company. Employee engagement visualization is determined to help HR professionals monitor, predict and impact on the employees retention rate.

Technologies We Used

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